The Company

AGROSAL GmbH was founded in early 1999 as a joint venture between  Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG and Schweizer Salinen AG. The modern production site where animal feed products are made, particularly lickstones, is at Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG head office in Heilbronn/Germany.


Saline Schweizerhalle, which is now a part of VSR, started manufacturing lickstones soon after it was founded in 1837. From 1868, production was continued in an alliance with the association of what at the time were the four Swiss Rhine salt-works. The Friedrichshall state owned salt-works had been famous since 1934 for its mineral salt lickstones which were marketed under the brand name “Safri”. AGROSAL therefore benefits from the vast experience of the two parent companies in producing and selling all types of sodium chloride.


AGROSAL GmbH has the following certifications and recognition:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • QA recognised by the Dutch PDV (GMP+)
  • Organic Farming (EC organic regulations (EU) 2018/848 and (EU) 2021/1165), Control centre: Kiwa BCS ÖKO-Garantie GmbH, Nürnberg (DE-ÖKO-001)
  • Bioland e.V. (FIBL)
  • “A” Feed (Bavarian Farmers’ Association).
  • QM Milk


For Switzerland, the products are manufactured in conformity with the Swiss Bio-Regulations and in accordance with the BioSuisse requirements.