Our lickstones are especially suitable for cattle, sheep, goats, horses and game. The constant availability of the lickstones to cover their substantial need for sodium and to supplement their mineral balance is indispensable for successful husbandry and the animals’ healthy development. The lickstones are available in different sizes, as pure salt lick stones or enriched with minerals, trace elements and vitamins.


The mineral mixes are created in collaboration with experts to make sure they satisfy the requirements of modern animal feeding. In modern livestock feeding it is not enough to mix salt into the feed ration as, although this ensures the animals get their supply solely of salt, animal lickstones can do more. They supply the animal with important minerals, trace elements and vitamins.


Our lickstones are made in a very special process from impeccable raw materials and are weather-resistant. We have a widely varied range of different lickstones, but will also be pleased to cater for your very specific product requirement.